Elephant Links



These sites were selected for diversity--some are controversial. Drop me a note if you have comments on any of these. Contact Ann 

Association of Zoos & Aquariums, Elephant TAG

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Woodland Park Zoo Elephant Program

World Wildlife Fund

Asian Elephant Support

International Elephant Foundation

Ambroseli Trust for Elephants

Elephant Nature Foundation

Save the Elephants

Helping Elephants

Elephant News (A blog, diverse and fascinating)

Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation

Ringling Brothers Center for Elephant Conservation

African Wildlife Conservation

Help Elephants (In Defense of Animals)

PETA Asian-Pacific

The Elephant Sanctuary (Hohenwald)

Riddle's Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuary

Links to Conservation Organizations by Species
Clouded Leopard


Clouded Leopard Project

Smithsonian National Zoo Clouded Leopard Project


Living with Lions Once abundant, lions are fading fast. These people work in Kenya to facilitate co-existence.



Save The Tigers


Snow Leopard Trust A great little outfit working in very remote regions. Exciting data from radio collars--sign up for their blog.



Notes from Kenya Real live field researchers working with hyenas.



Health in Harmony Health care for poor people combined with environmental caretaking in Indonesia.



The Penguin Project



International Rhino Foundation

Zoo, Science, and Animal Links

Here are some of the blogs I follow and sites I like.

Zooillogic science news and opinions

Zooborns great pictures of baby animals sent in from zoos

NoSleepingDogs This is a wonderfully diverse blog from a friend who lives in southern Oregon

Zoo Chat For people who REALLY like zoos, world-wide.

TRAFFIC An organization that monitors the huge world-wide trade in wildlife, legal and otherwise

Just for Fun--Mystery writers branch out

Keep an eye out for these names, all up-and-coming mystery writers. Read their blogs so you can say "I knew them when..."


Doug Levin's blog--great discussions of classic mysteries and much, much more


Davy Crockett's Almanack--Evan Lewis writes hilarious blogs on all things pulp, plus Davy Crockett and ... well, you'll just have to see...


Lighthearted Travel--Join Marilyn McFarlane as she jaunts about the world, savoring everything. Oh, to be in her luggage...


Now Smell This--Angela Sanders writes about perfume. And she wears only vintage clothes. You are so going to love her mysteries.


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