The third Iris Oakley zoo-dunnit, Endangered is now available. Check back for the latest events and confirmations.


I live in Portland, Oregon, and I'm available to talk at local libraries and book clubs or other groups. I also travel for various reasons, so even if your group isn't in the Northwest, feel free to ask me. And there's always Skype. Contact Ann 

November 2012
Portland Audubon Wild Arts Festival, November 17 & 18
Portland, OR

"A celebration of nature." I am honored to participate in the author event again this year. I'll be signing my books on Saturday, November 17, from noon to 4 PM.

You'll have a wonderful time talking with local authors, shopping in the artists' booths, and looking for bargains in the silent auction. Keep an eye out for live birds--Ruby the Turkey Vulture, a spotted owl, maybe a peregrine falcon. This is a lovely event, perfect for a rainy weekend.


The Books:

Endangered (#3) -- On a mission to rescue neglected animals, zookeeper Iris Oakley runs afoul of murderous drug-manufacturing smugglers. The smart money is not on the guys!

Did Not Survive (#2)--The elephant had means and opportunity for murder, but no motive. Toss in clouded leopards, a stolen zoo van with a strange cargo, and Iris has her hands full. Oh, and she's six months pregnant...

Night Kill:(#1) Iris is abruptly widowed. Only the lions knew what happened and they weren't telling. Or were they?