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Griffith Park LA


Sacramento Zoo

Griffith Park Zoo (LA Zoo) with my little sister Sacramento Zoo with sisters and cousins

Documentary evidence that I really was a zookeeper.

Scrubbing Nursery
Scrubbing the nursery floor. Much of the work is simply cleaning. (photo by Barbara Gundle) Using an owl puppet to feed a great horned chick. We released the native owls that we raised. The puppet is to prevent the baby from learning to come to people for food. That way, she will have a better chance in the wild. (Photo by Cynthia Cheney)
Orang SandCat

Me, pregnant. Russell the orangutan, curious. Russell was stolen from the wild, almost certainly by killing his mother. He had big scars on his thigh and throat. An Indonesian sailor carried him through the Port of Portland, where he was promptly confiscated. He ended up at the Cinncinati Zoo, where he became a father.

A sand cat we raised from birth. Kittens who never nurse and therefore don't get colostrum are vulnerable to infection, especially pneumonia. We were delighted to succeed with this one. (Photo by Cynthia Cheney)
KubwaSana Mandrills
Kubwa Sana, baby hippo masquerading as a race horse. The hippo exhibit was inadequate for this unexpected baby. He was a sweet heart! He went to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. (photo by Barbara Gundle) Reintroducing Roger, a baby mandrill, to his mother, Lulu. We were successful in reintegrating him with the troop. On her fourth birth, Lulu, who was herself handraised, finally mothered her baby. We attributed this to her experience with other babies in the troop. (photo by Donna Pollach)
Oregon Zoo was named Washington Park Zoo then.
Take a look at it now: Oregon Zoo.

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