Franklin Park Zoo, October 2009

Auckland Zoo, January 2009

Wellington Zoo, December 2008

Sacramento Zoo, December 2008

(My sister Nancy Parker took almost all of these. She's got the better camera.

Or, to be honest, she's a way better photographer than I am.)


These albums are in Picasa. Wiggle the mouse to bring up controls for adjusting the speed.


Below are a few of my current photo favorites. To see vintage photos of yours truly, click here.

Tiger Pt. Defiance Warthog Oakland
Sumatran tiger, Pt. Defiance Zoo, Tacoma, WA Warthog, Oakland Zoo, CA. Photo by Nancy Parker
Peacock Pt. Defiance Fruit Bats Oakland
"Headless" peacock, Pt. Defiance Zoo, Tacoma, WA Fruit bats, Oakland Zoo, CA
Cardinals Pedro
Brazilian Cardinals on Kauai, March 2008 Pedro, Porochi Inn, Copper Canyon, Mexico. August 2007

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