Praise for Did Not Survive

From Publisher's Weekly

Zookeeper Iris Oakley, who lost her husband in her first outing (2008's Night Kill), returns to Finley Memorial Zoo near Vancouver, Wash., for a second harrowing adventure that meshes the complexities of animal care and human failings. ... Fascinating details of zoo life--the impending birth of clouded leopards, collecting urine samples from elephants--lend color. Man again proves to be the most dangerous animal, and Iris needs all her cunning to discover the rogue behind the violence in a follow-up that should win Littlewood more fans.




Feature article in The Oregonian

and one in the Portland Examiner

and the National Examiner

Interview at KBOO with Ed Goldberg!

Peter Dickenson manages a zoo professional list-serve and also blogs about zoo issues. Here's what he has to say about Night Kill and Did Not Survive.

These "zoo-dunnits" are set in Vancouver, Washington. Here's what a local reviewer thinks. Carolyn Schultz-Rathbun in The Vancouver Voice.

Caryn St. Clair in Best Sellers World and Mysteries Galore, writes, "While this book will definitely appeal to zoo people, animal lovers and people with an interest in conservation issues, the mystery is a solid one that does not require any love of or knowledge about zoos or zoo animal to appreciate."

5 Stars from mega-reviewer Harriet Klausner!

Mary Ann Smyth at Bookloons says "a great summer read."

Mystery Book Reviews (Mysterious Reviews) says, "There's a lot to like about Did Not Survive, from the characters and their interpersonal relationships to the setting, a small zoo in southern Washington, where most of the action takes place. The background information on the animal handling techniques, and what seems to be a balanced debate on the purpose and value of zoos and captive breeding programs adds depth."


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